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Introducing the exquisite ROSENTRAUM, a stunning bouquet of roses in elegant and harmonious tones, available exclusively at BAHLMANN FLOWERS in Munich. This luxurious arrangement features a beautiful selection of hand-picked roses in a variety of colors, carefully arranged to create a perfect balance of sophistication and beauty. Whether you're looking to surprise a loved one or simply brighten up your home, the ROSENTRAUM is the perfect choice for any occasion. Each bouquet is expertly crafted by our skilled florists to ensure that every detail is perfect, making it a truly unforgettable gift. Embrace the beauty of nature with the ROSENTRAUM and elevate your floral experience to a whole new level.


Preisab 59,90 €
inkl. MwSt. |
    • M    59,90 €
    • L      99,90 €
    • XL   159,90 € (Abb.)
    • Auf Wunsch auch größer, bitte telefonisch bestellen: 089/22 55 61
  • Diesen Strauß können Sie nach Vorbestellung abholen oder in München (Stadtgebiet) liefern lassen.

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